We carry a wide array of personal insurance products to keep you and your family safe from danger. We all know that as hard as we try, there are always dangers in the world, and accidents will happen.

But we don’t have to leave the outcome of accident up to fate.

Personal Auto Insurance

If you are a responsible driver, then you need to protect other drivers by carrying liability insurance. Even the best drivers can be liable for things beyond their control– you might not be able to avoid that patch of black ice, but you can be the good guy and make sure that you protect other drivers by maintaining liability insurance.

But you need to seriously consider that there are a number of other coverages that you could have. Maybe you have them through your current carrier, and they aren’t the best or most appropriate for your situation. Maybe you don’t need premium comprehensive-coverage policy on your teenager’s $800 Junker. We would be happy to take a look at your policy and see if you have an appropriate coverage.

Homeowners Insurance

Your home may be the most valuable asset that you will over own. But the options for insuring it are tricky. We can help you navigate the various kinds of coverages from insuring your home against fire and flood to insuring your personal property in the event of theft or other loss.

You’ve made a significant investment in your possessions, and they need to be protected. We can help you understand category limits and per item limits that could affect the amount you generally are paid for covered, lost or damaged personal items. Making the decision between a sensible risk and a catastrophic liability is tough, but our insurance professionals know the details that can help you make the right decisions about property insurance.

Renters Insurance

Even if you are renting a property, most leases and rental agreements leave you in the de facto position of the homeowner. Protecting your possessions while you rent or lease a home is important, and we can help you select an appropriate renter insurance policy that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Dwelling Insurance

We write policies that cover more than just your possessions. Dwelling insurance is insurance that covers the property itself, and can indemnify you as a landlord or homeowner. Often the figure at which the property is valued is as contentious as the amount of coverage that is required by your lending and liabilities institution.

ur trained agents can help make sure that you are neither under insured nor over insured. By carefully looking at your risks and liabilities, we can make sure that you are fully protected without paying for policies and features that you do not need.

Flood Insurance

Most homeowners’ policies do not include flood insurance, but it is an important element to protect your home. Although in many areas a flood is a very rare occurrence, the damage caused by rain, melting snow during thaws, storm surges, and mudflows all falls under this category.

We help you make sure that you are protected. We would be happy to look over your liabilities and your existing coverage to help you decide if you really are covered and if that coverage is worth the cost.

If your community participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you may even be eligible for federally sponsored Flood Insurance coverage for your home or business.

Our Agents Are Waiting For You.