Office Buildings

Own an office building? Manage an entire office complex? Whatever type of commercial property you own, you’ll want to consider the advantages of insuring it with Whorton Insurance—a leader in the industry for commercial insurance coverage. Based on our expertise in the real estate market, we’ve customized an array of coverages to protect your property from potential risks.


Liability Coverages: This comprehensive solution can also protect you from lawsuits related to claims that you damaged other people’s property, caused medical injuries and more.

Optional Coverages: Our Employment Practices Liability option protects against financial loss for claims related to hiring and firing practices and sexual harassment, just to name a few.

Enhanced Coverages: Our package extends protection in six areas that are critically important to real estate owners, including:

  • Business Income and Extra Expense up to 18 Months
  • Employee dishonesty, forgery, money and securities
  • Newly acquired real and personal property
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Environmental impairment
  • Ordinance or law coverage
  • Green Building Initiatives
  • Foundation Coverage
  • Underground Flues and Pipes


If you insure your business or property with Whorton Insurance, we may also be able to complement that coverage with insurance for any vehicles your business owns or leases. Your Whorton Insurance producer can tailor a commercial auto policy that addresses your specific needs for protection against medical injuries, property damage, collisions and liability resulting from auto accidents.

D & O

Your organization’s leadership, both its senior executives as well as the members of its board of directors, face unique risks relative to their management responsibilities. Whorton Insurance can provide financial protection in case they are ever sued for the performance of their duties as they relate to the company.


If you insure your business through Whorton Insurance, you may also be able to secure your workers’ compensation insurance through us. This type of insurance can help pay for legal services related to a workers’ compensation claim as well as the medical care and lost wages of employees who are injured on the job or become ill because of a work-related disease. Not only do we offer an array of attractively priced dividend plans and other options, we also strive to limit our clients’ losses by helping them get their injured workers back to work as soon as prudently possible.


Given our litigious society, more and more businesses are subject to larger and larger lawsuits. Consider securing more peace of mind by adding umbrella liability coverage that extends beyond the liability protection included in your base package. Whorton Insurance can offer umbrella liability coverage ranging from One million to 50 million for many types of business.

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